This valentine line art activity is fun to do around Valentines day. We’ve done them when practising our line drawing. If you are doing symmetry this activity is fun! Or you can do it freehand and it will still turn out pretty.

Supplies Needed;

So long as you have some nice bright colours to work with you can use anything you have for this activity.

  • Paint Markers
  • Oil Pastels
  • Permanent Markers
  • Crayons
  • Regular Markers

*We’ve used markers and pastels and found that both worked well depending on what you are doing your heart on!

Paper or Canvas?

We have done these hearts on both paper and canvas and found that oil pastels work really well on paper or card. Not so much on canvas. However paint markers worked really well on canvas. The texture is certainly a factor when doing this activity.

Start by drawing a heart shape onto your paper/canvas. You can do it freehand or if you prefer to have your heart symmetrical you can use our FREE heart download. Find this below. ⬇️

You can use our FREE template if you’d prefer to have a symmetrical heart shape.

Cut out the template so that you can draw around it on your paper/canvas.

Drawing Freehand

We chose to draw our hearts freehand. My daughter is just learning to draw hearts and she insisted she wanted to draw hers for this activity. Unless you are doing a symmetry math activity your heart really doesn’t have to be perfect. ❤️

Once you have your heart drawn, take a ruler and start drawing lines across the page/heart from one side to the other. Again the lines don’t have to be perfect. And you can draw as little or as many lines as you want.

The lines will make different size areas that will be coloured. They will go directly across the heart which is what you want.

You can also choose to erase the lines through the heart shape and just colour the heart in one solid colour.

We chose to keep our lines through the heart.

Colouring Your Heart

Whether you are using oil pastels or markers, you may want to decide what colours to use before you start. Making your heart two solid colours makes it stand out a little better. But you can do whatever colours you choose.

Oil pastels work really well on paper or card. However when we done these on canvas the pastels didn’t work as well.

When we completed our Valentine line hearts we traced around the heart in black permanent marker. This made it stand out more too.

Valentine Hearts!

The hearts turn out so fab, especially with all the colours popping out. I will say that the colouring can get tiring for younger children so working with a smaller canvas or piece of paper will make it easier for them when having to fill in the areas.

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