Children do love to play in the snow in the winter time. My kids could stay outside for hours if they are wrapped up warm. However when the kids are complaining they want to go inside, you have to think outside the box. Maybe you already made a snowman, or finished sledding. Why not try snow paint? So simple to make and it will keep your kids busy while they enjoy some fresh air.

Snow paint is very easy and all you need is water and food colour.

You can use bottles with squirty tops on them for ease when children are holding them. Alternatively you can use spray bottles which are also great and actually make your coloured water last longer.

Fill the bottles with cold or warm water and add your food colour. You can also mix colours to make orange & purple if you don’t have them.

Squirty V’s Spray

I will point out that if you are using the squirty bottles for your snow paint, your coloured water is likely to run down quicker. This is because it comes out quicker than spray. So make sure you have some extras made up so you don’t have to keep running into the house to refill like I did lol! Spray bottles work just as well but maybe not for drawing in the snow with. Squirty bottles are better for this.

Making art
Decorating the snow

Snow painted castles

The great thing about snow paint is that kids can get really creative. They can either choose to just write or draw in the snow or they can decorate their masterpieces. We’ve made snow castles, snow cones, snowmen and snow balls and brightened them up with some colour.

Castle decorating
Painting snow cones
Making xmas trees

As I mentioned before, the coloured water does get used up pretty quick so you definitely should be prepared to have extras. Especially if you multiple kids.

Sometimes the kids just want to colour the snow, and will go a little crazy with the bottles lol! But it’s all very fun for them and if your planning on keeping them busy for a while, I recommend being prepared.

Artists at work

When using the spray bottles, the water will last longer but kids will have to work harder to get coverage. In the past we’ve used the spray bottles to colour the inside of a drawing. The kids and I also made a wall and spray painted it with our snow paint.

Spray painted heart ❤️
Attention to detail

I can’t lie, snow painting is actually really fun. For adults too lol! And who doesn’t love a little bit of colour in their life? Easy to set up and gives kids an opportunity to get creative.

If your kids LOVE snow activities, why not try this fun activity that is something different.

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