Here is another skeleton craft that is fun to do when learning about the body. This child led activity gives children an opportunity to be creative and the independence to do simple everyday tasks. Things like cutting with scissors.

Our skeleton craft started off with templates but as I watched my son cut out pieces of paper I realized that maybe they didn’t need a template. After all this is their skeleton.

For this skeleton craft you will need:

  • Some white paper
  • Some black/coloured paper or card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A marker or pencil

This craft is simple enough if children have used scissors before. Both my kids started being able to use scissors around the age of 4 but some children can do it before then. Scissors are great for fine motor control and using them is an essential skill when learning other tasks such as writing.

I made one as an example and I left it on show so that the kids knew how they were going to cut out their skeleton bones as they made their picture.

Assembling Your Skeleton

For the skull of the skeleton craft I advised my daughter to maybe draw around a circle and cut that out. She was finding it tricky to ‘make’ a circle free hand.

For the rest of the bones, the kids cut strips of white paper, some long and some short. Then they stuck their bones onto some black paper whilst assembling it.

Sticking the pieces on seemed easy enough for them as we had talked about where our bones are connected and we had been doing lots of activites and reading books about the human body!

If your kids are interested in learning about bones, check out this fab floor puzzle!

It’s not only a great learning tool when teaching them about where our bones are. But it also gives kids an opportunity to use their thinking skills. Not to mention hand eye coordination.

My kids loved this puzzle when they were small and even now still take it out every now and then to build.

When the kids finished their skeleton craft I got them to tell me what their bones like to do. We added this at the bottom for a fun extra to their picture. They also drew little faces to the skeletons too.

Our skeleton craft turned out super cute and will be a keepsake for that art folder! ❤️

There are some great books out there for kids. During Halloween these are a couple of our favourites that we like when doing skeletons.

And if you liked this skeleton craft check out our moving skeleton craft we done around halloween time. Another great activity to add to the classroom or do at home.

Kids will learn to connect the bones in the correct places and talk about where their bones are.

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