Rainbow art is always fun to do! But put shaving foam into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole heap of messy fun! Shaving foam rainbow art is so fun you’ll want to join the kids in this sensory fun activity.

For your rainbow art you will need;

  • White Card
  • Oil Pastels (like the ones pictured)
  • A pencil & Ruler
  • Shaving Foam

If you don’t have pastels you can always use crayons. We just find that pastels work much better for larger ares when colouring. Of course there are markers too. But for this activity we chose to use pastels. Paints don’t work as well as the shaving foam will dampen and smudge the paint!

Start by making lines across the page with a pencil
They don’t have to be straight but a ruler helps if you need it

Colour your sections in different colours
Pastels create vibrant colours!
You will have a rainbow across the page

The colours of your rainbow don’t have to be in any order, and you can use whatever colours you want!

Pastels are vibrant and stand out but much better than crayons we found.

Using Shaving Foam

Shaving foam can be rather messy so I always make sure I have a towel on hand. The great thing about shaving foam is that it wipes away very easily. Any activity with shaving foam is fun but always be aware that smaller children may need to be supervised when using it. Smaller children may try to eat it!

Use a spatula to apply your shaving foam across your rainbow. You will need to use plenty but not too much. Just enough to work across the page.

A spatula works well for coverage
Try and spread right across so you cover your rainbow

Making Art

Now you have your rainbow done and your shaving foam ready, its time to make art! You can have your kids practise their letters, or let them just get creative and draw pictures.

Creative art!

Once you’ve made a design and want to recreate another, just smooth out the shaving foam and start again. It is a great way to get kids printing. And it is messy but provides lots of fun. Shaving foam can be extremely satisfying for kids to play with.

Benefits Of Sensory Activities

So what do children get from playing with shaving foam?

  • It can help build nerve connections to the brain.
  • Children can develop their fine motor skills through play.
  • Sensory play can be very calming and can help children with emotional development.
  • It connects children to their senses (smell, sound, touch & sight)
  • Playing with anything sensory helps to develop creativity.

Some children aren’t as keen on getting ‘messy’ and it’s good to get them to explore and know that getting messy can be fun. Giving them the opportunity to get messy is a vital part of their development.

Making hand prints
Messy Fun!

The great thing about using oil pastels for your shaving foam rainbow art is that once you are done, your rainbow can be stored into your kids art work undamaged.

So have fun with it! Explore and get creative. Shaving foam is lots of fun and can be used for many sensory activities. Check out our 3D paint using shaving foam.


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