These sequin baubles are a lovely gift to give someone during the holidays. Or even a fun craft to do that’s festive. They turn out so pretty too.

I will be brutally honest and say that smaller children won’t have a lot of patience for this activity. I tried getting my 4 year old daughter into it. But after a few pins she lost interest. It can be fiddly. And also time consuming. But so fun if you are crafty like me and love making gifts for family and friends.

For Sequin Baubles You Will Need;

  • Styrofoam Balls (different sizes)
  • Different Colour Sequins
  • Small Pins
  • A Small Hammer (or something to knock pins in)
  • Some Ribbon

Depending on what size ball you use will depend on how many sequins and pins you will need. But I will mention that extra of everything is usually the way to go. Nothing worse than running out when you get almost done.

There are different pins with different heads on them. When using the sequins I tend to find the smaller head pins work best as you can see the sequins better.

Pearl headed pins
Smaller headed pins

When younger children are doing these baubles we found that using an egg cup helped to keep the bauble still and stopped it rolling around when they try to put the pins in.

My daughter started with the sequins and then she decided she just wanted to use the colour tip pins to decorate her ball.

These first baubles that we did turned out okay. Although I felt that the white tip on the pins were a bit of a distraction. I wanted the sequins to be more visible.

However, for a first attempt they didn’t turn out too bad.


There isn’t really a technique when doing the baubles but I find working from the middle works best for me. I usually draw a line around the bauble with a pencil so I can keep track of where Im placing my sequins.

You can alternate colours for each line as I did or use the same colour all the way around. Carefully place the pin into the sequins pushing them down into the styrofoam ball. The first few should go in okay but if you have a struggle you can always use a small hammer to knock them in.

Hook sequin onto pin
Push pin with sequin into ball
Hammer pin into ball

The pins will go in by pressing them down into the ball. However the more pins you put in, the trickier it can be to push them in by hand.

Imagine how many pins are on the inside of the ball. And they are all in there at different angles. Tapping the pins in lightly with a small hammer helps when you can’t push them in by hand.

The last thing to do once your bauble is finished is to add ribbon. You can also use yarn or string. I found ribbon worked best.

Make a loop in your ribbon and use a pin the place the ribbon at the top of the bauble.

The baubles turned out so pretty. I would have done a ton more but they are time consuming and you know how busy the season is lol! But I will be making more of them in the future and giving them as gifts.

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