It goes without saying that most people love animals, well I guess not everyone unfortunately! However ever since my kids were really small they’ve always enjoyed going to the zoo or to the local farms. Even my 9 year old still enjoys visiting the animals. Most of his friends could take or leave it but he adores animals and I guess because we’ve always been around them and my love for animals it kind of rubs off on them too.

I think it’s extremely important for them to be around animals and learn to be kind to them. They don’t have to become vets or anything when they’re older but I feel they should learn to respect animals and learn how to be around them without having those fears. I have friends who are scared of animals and always have been throughout their lives. This could be due to an experience they once had or perhaps not being exposed to animals much. Of course some people are just not animal people and that’s fine too, but children should know how to at least treat animals when they’re adults.

Our beloved Laddie boy ❤️

Luckily my two have been exposed and are learning the importance of boundaries when it comes to animals. My parents have always had dogs and as much as we love them and they are a part of your family, you can never fully trust that a dog won’t attack if provoked. Same with cats, we aren’t around cats much but I know that just like with any other animal they need their space too and children need to be taught this.

My friend has farm animals at her place and she welcomes the kids to come and see the animals and be around them. Its nice to know people who keep all different kinds of animals as the kids get to ask questions and we learn a little something too. 😍

Animals are very therapeutic to be around. I know whenever Im having a bad day or going through a sad time in life, being around an animal always helps me. It’s amazing how they can almost sense your sadness. We have a local farm that provides comfort from animals. Visitors can get up close to the animals which is good for your mental health and well being. My kids could spend all day with their donkey Jaxon. ❤️

Jaxon the donkey

Learning how to handle small animals is important too. My kids love nothing better than holding a bunny and getting snuggles back. In the world we live in today I want to teach my kids that animals are living breathing creatures too and deserve just as much love as we do. Your children will certainly grow to be kind individuals if they can learn to be kind to animals.

Bunny & Guinea Pig snuggles
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