Kids love learning about the body and skeleton crafts are always fun to do. This moving skeleton craft will keep your kids entertained and you can also incorporate skeleton crafts into halloween. We call it our moving skeleton as you can literally move its bones once you’ve assembled it.

To make these fun skeletons you will need;

  • Our FREE printable skeleton puzzle
  • Card stock
  • 14 Brads
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers (optional)
  • Thread or string (optional)

*You can find our FREE printable skeleton below ⬇️

Your brads will work as connectors that will join all the bones together. You can pick these up from stationary and office supply stores. Using card stock to stick your skeleton to before cutting it out will help to keep your skeleton more sturdy.

Top Tip

Before putting your moving skeleton craft together, pre-cut your bones out keeping the names of the bones beside them so that you know what goes where. This way you won’t be confused when attaching them.

When putting your moving skeleton craft together, you will need to pierce a hole into the circles with something sharp like scissors. Smaller children will need help with this part. The brads should go in okay once you have pierced the holes.

Keep the names of the bones handy so you know what goes where.
Use the small circles to put your brads into when connecting.
Bend & push down the backs of your brads to stop them from coming out.

Learning about the body

Teaching kids about the body can be fun as well as educational. There are some great books available for kids.

Putting Your Skeleton Together

Once you have cut all your bones out it’s time to connect them with the brads. If your child wants to they can colour their skeleton in. My daughter wanted to brighten hers up. You can ask your kids which bones connect to where.

When your skeleton is finished you can choose to hang it up with some thread or string. This is optional of course.

Download our FREE moving skeleton bones below ⬇️


And if your kids enjoy skeleton crafts, here is another cute skeleton craft idea that you can do with them.

Try getting your kids to create their own skeletons by using paper, scissors and glue.

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