St Patricks Day is a good time for doing fun crafts. Leprechaun crafts are always a big hit, especially when you can put your own face on them to make yourself a leprechaun (a little like elfing yourself lol)

My daughter used her picture for her leprechaun but mama just cut out a face from a sticker book the kids had.

For our leprechaun we cut out 4 strips of green paper (roughly the same length) One green circle, a green hat shape, a smaller black strip and slightly longer black strip, 2 hands and 2 shoes. You also need shiny paper for the leprechauns belt and hat. We also had Pom poms out for the beard.

Fold each long green strip back and forth like a fan shape. It should look like this when you open it up ⬆️

The folds don’t have to be perfect! These are the arms and legs and will just give the leprechaun a fun shape.

Place the longer black strip across the green circle and stick with glue. You may have to cut the edges depending on how long it is. Cut the shiny paper into a small square and a square shaped hole through the middle. You will have something that resembles a belt.

Cutting the pieces out was the fiddly part but assembling them was the easy part. Younger children can do this part without guidance.

The Pom poms made a cute little beard added to the leprechaun just to finish it off. Pretty simple and pretty cute.☘️

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