Letter recognition in pre-schoolers is vital to their development. Not all children learn how to write their name or are even printing letters before school. And this is okay! All children learn at different stages. However exposing children to letters and numbers at an early age, will get them familiar when starting school. These letter sounds are a perfect and fun way to introduce them.

This activity is a simple little letter recognition game. All you need for this are some pegs and our FREE printable picture cards which you can find below. ⬇️

To use our printable letter pictures, glue to card. We used coloured card to make them more inviting. Then laminate your cards to keep them from tearing.

This is a little time consuming but the cards will hold together much better and even small hands can use them. Cut out your picture cards so that you have individual pictures.

We used pegs for this activity which also help children with their fine motor skills. If your child is finding it difficult to use the pegs you can also use dry erase markers to circle the letters.

My four year old daughter found some of the letter sounds a little tricky, but watching her try was precious. She would sound the letter out loud before placing the peg. With some of them she used process of elimination. She knew the other two letters weren’t the answer but didn’t recognize the third and that is how she got her answer.

Again this just gets children to become familiar with different letters, even some of the most difficult ones.

Teaching at Home

These pegs and cards are a great learning tool for pre-schoolers but can also be used for primary aged children new to learning the sounds. They can be used in the classroom or even at home.

For another twist of this letter sound game, try out our halloween version.

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