If you’re like us you will have a mountain of leaves gathering in your garden right about now! You will be looking for craft ideas to do with your kids. These leaf turkeys are the cutest keepsake. And very easy for even small kids to do.

For Your Leaf Turkey’s You Will Need;

  • Brown card/paper
  • Yellow card/paper
  • Orange card/paper
  • White or cream card/paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Markers/crayons & a pencil
  • Leaves

Turkey Supplies!

Prepping Your Turkey Pieces

Leaf turkeys are very easy to do but I found it easier to have all my pieces cut out for my daughter that were ready to stick and put together. Older children of course may want to cut out the pieces themselves.

Start by cutting out a Mr.potato shape using brown card or paper. My kids commented on how the turkeys body looked a lot like Mr.Potato Head lol! You will also need an orange triangle cut out, yellow legs or feet and 2 white circles for the eyes. You can of course always use GOOGLY eyes 👀 if you have them!

Have your child snip the stalks off the leaves.
They can make their leaves smaller if they wish but we found that the bigger leaves worked great for our turkey’s.

Next have your child stick their leaves onto some white or cream card/paper. They can stick on as many as they wish. The more the better for this craft!

We made our leaves into a fan shape so that they resembled turkey feathers.

Then we started assembling our turkey together.

An orange triangle for a beak
Yellow card with claws for the feet

For the turkey’s eyes we used white cut out circles and my daughter drew on black dots for the inside of the eye. As I mentioned before you can always use googly eyes too.

Your Thanksgiving leaf turkey is just about done. You can add a little comment onto your picture if you want to give it to a family member or just put it on display every year. This part is good for encouraging writing for younger children.

Cute little leaf turkeys! Perfect for thanksgiving 🦃

More Leaf Activities

And if you still have plenty of leaves leftover, how about getting more creative. Check out these leaf pictures. https://crafty-mummy.com/leaf-pictures/

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