Who doesn’t love a good glow in the dark activity? This glow in the dark slime is bound to be a hit with kids. My kids absolutely love it! It’s pretty much the same as other slime recipes only one secret ingredient that makes it glow.

For as long as I have been making slime for, I have never attempted the glow in the dark slime until now. I was always afraid it wouldn’t work or turn out too slimy. However this slime recipe worked awesome and was a big success.

You Will Need;

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Clear Glue
  • Glow In The Dark Paint
  • Contact Solution

How To Make Glow In The Dark Slime

If you have made our rainbow slime, you will see some similarities. This slime requires food colour or paint. You can find the link for our rainbow slime below. ⬇️

To make this glow in the dark slime you will need glow in the dark paint. You can get this online or from most craft stores. I will say it is not as easy to pick up as you would think. We managed to purchase some at our local craft store and it was only a small bottle.

You can also purchase this paint online. It can be used for all kinds of activities and fun to use. When using the paint for this slime, you don’t need lot.

So it is a good buy!

When making the slime, just like any other slime recipe there are steps. We started with our water, glue and baking soda.

Add 120ml of warm water
Measure out 1/2 Tsp baking soda
Add 180ml of clear glue

Once the glue mixture is underway its time to add your paint. As I mentioned earlier you really don’t need a lot. This stuff is so effective and will show up regardless of how much you put in.

Stir in the paint so it becomes a white sticky consistency. Once you have your glow in the dark paint added its time to make it into slime. Adding the secret ingredient that will make your slime pliable. This contact solution is amazing for slime recipes. Not just any contact solution will work. Always make sure it contains boric acid!

Gradually add contact solution
Mixture will start to bind on stirring

Playing With Your Slime

When the slime stops sticking to the side of the bowl, the slime is ready. Transfer it to a dry surface such as the table or another container. Then knead it with your hands a little.

The slime doesn’t really take much kneading to be honest, but have the kids play with it a little before seeing the magic happen. It does feel amazing!

Now for the magic to happen!! Charging up your slime with a torch/flash light will work. The brighter the light shines on your slime, the more it will glow in the dark.

I will say that taking pictures was tricky. Unless you have a really good camera that works well in the dark, it is difficult to get some good shots. But while your kids are in the moment and your not worried about catching pictures, they will love this slime!

The best part of this glow in the dark slime is that even when it starts to fade in the dark, you just recharge it with more light and it’ll glow again and again. If you find that your slime is too rubbery like ours got, then you may have added too much contact solution. Just add a little more glue to your slime and it should get runny again.

You can store it in a ziplock bag or plastic container and it should be good for at least a week.

We have also tried this recipe using white glue instead clear glue. I didn’t think it would glow as well but so long as you charge it with a flash light it should still glow.

It looked almost like the northern lights or another galaxy!

More Sensory Fun

Experimenting with this glow in the dark paint was so fun. And not just for the kids. Mixing sensory with science is so much fun for us adults too! How about adding creative art into that lesson too? We wanted to make the most of our glow in the dark paint. You can check out our glow in the dark art here. Also check out our rainbow slime recipe!

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