Getting Kids to Help with Chores

Getting the kids to help with chores can be a daunting task, especially when it feels like they’re always complaining. However, teaching your children how to help with chores is an important part of developing good habits. Plus, it’s a great way to bond as a family! Here are some tips on how to get your kids to help with chores without all the drama.

Plus we also have these cool chore charts that you can print off to give those nippers some inspiration! You can use them to encourage good daily habits or as a guide for getting your kids to help out. The little ‘tasks’ will give you some indication on which chores to give your child.

Download our chore charts that will help your kids to get motivated!

    Let’s face it, when to comes to doing chores around the house, kids can seem less than enthusiastic. Unless they think they are getting something out of it, unfortunately it can be like a losing battle.

    But getting the kids engaged and onboard can be a satisfying feeling. All is not lost! There are some ways that you can get kids of all ages helping out around the house.

    Make it a Game

    Turning chores into a game is a great way to get kids interested in helping out around the house. For example, you can take turns picking up toys or turn into a race to see who can dust the most furniture in one minute. Making it into a competition will not only make it more fun for your kids, but it will also teach them how to be competitive in a healthy way. 

    Picking up a floor full of lego can be discouraging for us parents let alone the kids. Why not turn it into a game and see who can pick up the most ‘reds’ and then the most ‘yellows’ and by the time your done it’ll be all cleaned up! Amazing what you get done when you turn things into a game lol!

    Give Them Choices

    Giving your kids choices when it comes to chores also helps to make the process more enjoyable for them. Ask them if they would prefer to vacuum or dust and let them pick which task they would like to do first. This will help them feel like they have some control over the situation and make them more likely to cooperate. Having a chore chart not only gives them some incentive but also helps to make sure they are getting choices when it comes to helping out around the house.

    Maybe they prefer to wash the dishes
    Some kids like to be helping out more in the yard

    Praise Their Efforts

    Make sure to praise your children when they do a good job with their chores. This will encourage them to keep up the good work and help them feel proud of their accomplishments. A simple “Great job!” or “Thank you for your help!” can go a long way in making your kids feel appreciated. 

    Leading By Example

    Of course, one of the best ways to get your kids to help with chores is by leading by example.

    When they see you pitching in and doing your fair share, they’ll be more likely to do the same.

    So next time you’re getting ready to tackle that pile of laundry, ask your kids if they want to join in and make it a family activity! 

    Getting your kids to help out around the house doesn’t have to be a chore.

    It is an important life skill that every child should learn. And there’s no better way to teach them than by leading by example! With these small tips, you’ll have your kids helping with chores in no time, and maybe even enjoying it. 😉


    Need more inspiration on which chores your kids can help with?

    Here you’ll find a great guide into what kind of chores your kids are able to start doing depending on their age. No matter how little they are, there are always jobs that they can help with.

    Age appropriate chores list for getting your kids to help with chores.

    Here are some more helpful printables for your convenience. If you are homeschooling your kids and need a little guidance into how to run your day, these daily homeschool schedules will help you out.

    You might even be able to add some of those chores on there 😉

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