These flower pots are so sweet and very simple to make. They’re a perfect little gift for mothers day or a home made birthday gift or even just to brighten up the play room. ❤️

We collected all the things that we needed and got started. You don’t need much to make these easy flower pots. A lot of it you can actually find around your house. Other items are easy to pick up at a craft store.

For the flower pots you need;

  • Fake dried flowers
  • Green craft sticks (you can also use plain craft sticks and paint or colour them)
  • Buttons
  • Some clay or plastercine
  • A plastic or paper cup
  • Glue
  • Markers (optional)
  • Stickers (also optional)
The petals from the flowers should pull right off with ease, we also took some leaves off to use.

Have your child line up their craft sticks and pick out which colour petals they want for their flowers. They can have as many flowers as they want as long as their cup is big enough to fit them all lol!

You can use hot glue for this craft but white school glue works just as well. The flowers just need time to dry a little.

My daughter then picked out which buttons she wanted to put in the middle of her flowers. Buttons are pretty easy to come across. Most of us have them in our sewing box 😂but you can also get fun colours in packs from craft stores.

You will see glue go through the holes but this will dry out.

Your flowers shouldn’t take long to dry. We put them by the window where the sun was coming through. My daughter chose not to put any leaves on her flowers but I did just to show you. If your dried flowers don’t have any leaves on them you can always use green paper.

Place your clay/plastercine into your cup. You might have to mold it in there by pushing it down with your fingers.

The next part is optional but my daughter wanted to colour her cup in with markers while her flowers were drying. Your child could even paint the cup or cover it with coloured paper. You can also jazz it up with stickers.

When your flowers are dry, have your child push them into their cup. They should be able to do this by themselves but you might have to help a little if the flowers keep falling over.

Our flowers turned out so pretty 🌸🌼 You could even use a longer or bigger box and do a whole garden if you wanted!

Flower Pots in Spring
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