These finger print apple trees are a great educational activity for preschoolers. And they’re pretty cute too. During the fall we like to pick apples, it’s a yearly tradition. Combining apple crafts with our apple theme is a must!

This apple craft is pretty simple. All you need is some paint and our FREE apple tree printable activity sheet. You can find this below! ⬇️

You will need;

  • Red paint
  • Green paint
  • Apple tree printable
  • A pencil

The paint is for your apples. No brushes needed, just little fingers! The idea for this craft is for kids to make apples using their finger prints and then count how many apples their tree has.

Fingerprint apples

Too many apples?

On our first attempt at doing our finger print apple trees, my daughter went a little bit overboard with her ‘apples’ lol! Then when it came to counting them, she was a little overwhelmed.

As a result, mama helped her to count these apples!

Kids love to get their hands and fingers in paint and making their mark. We decided to do another apple tree. I then gave my daughter some blank paper for her to go crazy with finger prints. 😬

Once they have done their apples, have them count them. If your child is still learning to write, you can make a note of numbers on some paper for them to see. This way they can copy the number.

This is a great counting activity and for children to practise number recognition. I got my daughter to count how many red apples she had on her tree. I then got her to count the green apples on her tree. Then she counted all of them to see how many she had altogether.

They turned out super cute. A great little activity to do with kids during fall. Download our printable apple tree FREE right here! ⬇️⬇️

Finger Print Apples

And if your kids enjoy counting and you want to incorporate some fun activites into your pre-school classroom, check out these fun learning activities;

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