Crayons have been around forever. And there are so many crafts and activities that can be done with them. Home made DIY crayons are so simple to do. I didn’t realize how easy they were to make until I had kids lol!

How many of us have a ton of crayons lying around at home that are either broken or not being used?!

If so then do not throw them out!! Old crayons are great for making new ones. There are always ways to re-use broken crayons.

Preparing Your Crayons

Preparing the crayons beforehand can be a bit time consuming but getting little hands to help is a bonus. My son helped with every step so I was pleased I could get him involved in the whole activity. DIY crayons are a great way to get kids involved. We made these crayons for a pre-school party on Valentines day. He knew they were for his friends so he was eager to do them.

Start off by soaking all the crayons in a large pot of warm water. This helps when peeling the paper off. Otherwise it’s a whole lot harder.

Once all the paper is off snap the crayons into small pieces sorting them by colour.

You don’t have to do this part. But we decided to so we could see how many of each colour we had at the end of this step.

Making Your Moulds

DIY crayons are unique and your own design so you can use whatever colours you want.

My son picked out which colours he wanted to make his crayons. Some had only one or two colours and others were mixed. The mixed ones looked so pretty once we took them out of the oven. We used heart shaped molds as we were doing them for valentines day. Any mold shape will do so long as its oven proof.

Most craft or baking stores have oven moulds. You can get dinosaur moulds, lego shaped moulds. Pretty much any shape you are looking to do.

Ready to bake crayons

Melting Your Crayons

Set your oven to the lowest temperature. All ovens vary on baking times. Ours was set to 175F and our crayons took about 30 minutes to completely melt.

Carefully remove the molds from the baking tray and sit them aside to cool. It takes about an hour for them to cool and harden. Once they are cooled you should be able to pop the crayons right out of the molds.

Hey presto!! Beautiful heart shaped DIY crayons. And the best part is they are home made. And so easy to do.

Give as a gift

These DIY crayons make a beautiful gift for a friend or family member. Just stick them in a little baggie and tie with a ribbon. Also great for party favours.

Alternatively you can use them at home. The mixed crayons were cool when we drew on the paper with them. You would turn the crayon and it would be a different colour at each angle.

Not only does this activity give the kids something helpful and fun to do, it can also give them opportunities to get creative with drawing. Kids love crayons and watching them create beautiful pictures is memorable.

There are other great ways to use up those broken and old crayons. During the fall we made rainbow pumpkins. Such a clever idea and really cool. Check it out!

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