When it comes to learning, there are so many tools out there that can be used for preschoolers. It doesn’t always have to be special school supplies. You can use items from around your house, especially when it comes to counting.

As we are such crafters in our house, we have LOTS of craft sticks at hand. And because they are so colourful you can use them for all kinds of activities.

These craft stick puzzle print outs are good for getting those little brains thinking as well as hand eye co-ordination too.

The idea is for kids to study the cards, then to replicate the pattern they see. It may look easy to an adult, but for little hands it can be a little challenging putting them in the order that they see.

My 4 year old daughter found some of these pretty tricky. We had to call out the colours that we saw on the cards so that she could hear the pattern. Then she would repeat it while placing the sticks down.

As we worked our way through the cards, the shapes became a little more complex and she needed a bit more guidance. She did manage them but it took some patience on her part.

Learning About Sequence

Children like to sort items, I know mine love doing puzzles and figuring things out for themselves. These craft stick cards help kids with sequence. Which will give them a head start when going to school.

If your child is just learning their colours this is a great activity to get them familiar with learning the names of the colours. My daughter enjoyed picking out all the colours that she needed for each pattern before she started doing them.

Making Shapes

You can download our free printable craft stick puzzle cards here. Choose to cut them into squares and laminate. Or you can keep them in sheets like we did.

Download our FREE Printable Craft Stick Puzzles here!

Click here to grab your free downloads!

    Another Fun Activity!

    Here is another great fine motor control activity for the kids to do! Easy to prep and fun to do.

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