Before children start school, they will probably be familiar with most of their shapes. There are lots of crafts and activities that can help with children getting prepared for school. And learning shapes is one of those. This city of shapes activity is just one fun way to learn shapes.

Cutting shapes out for creative art is one way to have children become familiar. They can pretty much create anything when they have a bunch of shapes. Scroll down for more ideas when making shape pictures.

For your city you will need;

  • Paper or card stock (lots of colours)
  • Black paper/card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • White chalk pen
  • Markers (optional)
  • Pastels (optional)

Cutting Your Shapes

Children can cut out their own shapes. However if the kids are a little younger and find cutting tricky you can have lots of different shapes pre-cut for them. Children sometimes prefer everything to be set out for them when they come to do a craft. The chalk pen and markers are optional depending on what details you want to add to your picture.

Putting Your City Together

We have recently been reading about skyscrapers in a book. So my kids enjoyed using the extra long rectangles to make those. Of course your city can be however you want it. And that’s the beauty of having lots of different sizes and shapes at hand for this craft. For instance maybe add a clock tower or a row of houses.

Different shapes can make different size buildings

Roofs can be added to buildings. Triangles are good for these.

Details can be added to buildings like windows, doors or even a clock!

Next we used chalk pen to make stars in the sky or snow in my daughter’s pic lol.

City of shapes
My son made shooting stars

Anything can be added to your city. We used pastels to create water and grass underneath our city scene. We also used markers and pencil to create little windows.

Other creative ideas using shapes for pictures are;

  • Planets & rockets. This is a fun one to do to incorporate when doing all about space.
  • Flowers & bugs. Turning circles into different types of bugs and different shapes to create the garden around them.
  • Animals. Use the different shapes to create different animals giving them detail with markers.
  • Robots. Especially different sized squares and rectangles. Small circles can be buttons!
  • Under the sea. Create different sea creatures with different shapes.
  • Transport & vehicles. Squares and rectangles are good for vehicle shapes and circles are perfect for wheels!
  • Dinosaurs. Triangles are good for spikes on a dinosaurs back! 😉

See what children can make their picture into just by giving them lots of different sizes of shapes. They can get really creative.

And there are lots of different shape activities that you can do. Why not give these geo-boards a try. Children can copy the shape cards and also make their own shapes. In addition this activity is great for fine motor skills.

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