There are tons of slime recipes. Some are messier than others but all equally as fun as the next. This chalkboard paint slime takes it to the next level as you get to draw on the slime too! 😱

All you need to make chalkboard paint slime is;

  • 4oz School Glue
  • 2 Tbsp Chalkboard Paint
  • 1 Tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 Tsp Eye Solution
  • A bowl
  • Some Spoons
  • Chalk Markers

Chalk paint is usually available in most craft stores but you can also purchase it online. You can also get chalk markers here;

Mixing Ingredients

Adding ingredients is sometimes tricky if you add too much of something or not enough. Just like with any slime recipe, the consistency has to be just right so that it isn’t too sticky but still pliable for play.

Firstly add 4oz Glue to a bowl
Spoon in 2 Tbsp chalk board paint
Add 1 Tsp baking soda & stir

Stir to make a paste
Add in 1/2 Tsp of eye solution

*Top Tip

Make sure to use an Eye Solution that contains Boric Acid in it! This is the secret ingredient to getting your slime stretchy.

Your slime should start to stick to the sides of the bowl and come together like a ball. You want it to be stretchy but still be able to form a ball. You may need to add more drops of eye solution until it gets to the right consistency. However not too much as it will be more rubbery that stretchy.

See it stick to the sides of the bowl
You should have a ball that comes together

The Fun Part!

Once your chalkboard paint slime is made, the fun part begins. Getting creative and getting messy!! I will warn you that this particular slime recipe is especially messy. Your kids hands will get pretty covered in the chalkboard paint, but the good news is it does wash off with soap and water! Phew lol!

Chalk Markers

Who knew chalk markers were so fun! We have used these before for art activities but to think you can use them on slime was exciting! They do work really well on this chalkboard paint slime. However the markers don’t work well when you try to ‘draw’ with them. But pushing down to make dots is pretty and works just as well.

The markers may need to be shaken and pushed down before use

Once your creations have been made you can pull and stretch your slime to distort your art. This is pretty cool to watch. Then you can create again!

Making slimy creatures!

Chalkboard Slime Tutorial! Enjoy getting messy 😉⬇️

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