About Us

Hi! Glad you stopped by. Allow me to tell you a little about us.

My name is Gemma. I am a British mum living in Canada with my husband and 2 children. We have a 10 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. They keep us super busy.


I have a degree in early childhood and over 20 years experience with babies to pre-school age children. I worked in pre-school settings, daycares and have nannied around the globe for some amazing families. I’ve been pretty much around kids my whole life!

Being A Parent

Since becoming a mum myself I am always trying to find new and fun ways to keep my kids busy. I have 3 passions in life, my kids, writing & travelling. Can’t lie though, I am pretty crafty and love making things with my kids. I love seeing them try new experiences and I embrace their creativity.

I have passed my love of crafts and children’s books on to my kids which makes me happy. They are always enthusiastic to learn new things & we would love to share some of our ideas with you.

Of course there are days when my daughter refuses to eat her vegetables or my son complains about having screen time taken away. But I guess that is all part & parcel of being a parent right? You take the bad with the good. But being a parent is a learning curve. And of course I am no expert in anything but for the most part we do okay.

Working with children most of my life got me prepared for motherhood in some ways so for that I will be eternally grateful.❤️

I love being a mum, it is literally the best job in the world. As busy as life gets I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my blog. I hope you find something on here that is helpful. 😊

As crazy as life can get sometimes we all need some time for us! After all, we need to be the best we can be. Not just for ourselves but for our children too. You can read my blog post on ‘Me Time’ here;