Chocolate Crispy Cakes/Nests

This is a good one for Easter time (seems to be a tradition in our house to make these at easter lol!) but they’re also good to make for birthday parties or even a quick and simple baking activity on a rainy day. They also taste delicious!

With only a few ingredients needed its a simple recipe that doesn’t even require an oven. My kind of baking! 🤣

For our crispy cakes we used;

  • Cereal- this brand is what we used but any cereal will work
  • Chocolate chips
  • Mini eggs
  • Cake cases
  • A baking tin to sit the cases in
  • Bowls
  • Spoons

Firstly pour your chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. We didn’t measure our chocolate out as you can always add more if needed. We chose to melt our chocolate in the microwave for 20-30 second intervals. We did this to avoid it burning or sticking to the sides. Stirring during intervals. It took about 70 seconds to get the chocolate to how we wanted it. I will point out that you can also melt your chocolate the old school way of placing a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. This way works just as well, just beware of little hands as the bowl gets super hot and the chocolate can spit a little when it starts to melt.

Meanwhile I got my daughter to scoop the cereal into a bigger bowl. Again we didn’t measure out, we just guessed as you can always add more if there’s too much chocolate and not enough cereal to bind it.

Thats why I like this activity, you can’t get it wrong!! LOL

Pour your chocolate onto your cereal and stir to combine. Your goal is to completely cover the cereal so you can only see chocolate. Certain cereals take longer to cover. We’ve done this with rice crispies and they cover evenly with only a few stirs.

Then use two spoons to help scoop out your chocolate flakes, separating them into the cases. We used cake baking tins just to hold the cases in place while we done this step but you don’t have to. We got a total of 12 cakes but if you make more mixture just get more cases.

The next and final part is always my kids favourite step, putting the eggs on top. This is usually because they get to eat a couple eggs as we do it lol! You can use as many eggs for each nest. My son used one of each colour and my daughter just put 3 on each.

We had about 5 bags of eggs but they go down fast so make sure you have extras just in case. 😉

They always turn out really pretty with all the colours, and make a lovely little take along treat for parties. They are rather delicious with a cup of tea too lol!

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